Set Design on Sundays

Volunteer Stuff

We just love to get the chance to build sets and design light for our church! It's a blast and a great outlet for our creativity. We can't wait until we move to the new space. It has a huge auditorium where we can really expand our lights and backgrounds...It should be awesome!

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Design on Sundays

Big Blocks

These blocks are just amazing. They are created with furnace filters and black duck tape and are lit from above and below to achieve the split tower lighting effects.

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Hexagons and Honeycombs

We were featured on Church Stage Design Ideas site for our Glowing Hives design. Check it out with lights in action in these worship videos at Echo Church where we were part of the production crew, too!

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A Great Experience

Photos of the city-We drove around town taking pictures of buildings where the church used to meet and of interesting well-known landmarks. So, aside from the required buildings, if it was fun or quirky it got shot that day.

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Creative Construction

Burning Firepots-It's amazing what you can do with a fan, ripped up fabric, and a little bit of lighting! The series was about burning questions and the problem was, well, we needed to simulate fire. We worked together with our friend, Stacey, and made these burning firepot.

Burning Questions

Compelling Design

Interpretation of prayer- These tatoo backgrounds change color with preprogrammed lights.

interpretation of prayer

The Economy Strikes back

We needed a stellar background for the Economy Strikes Back serman series, so we made a starfield!

star field

Graphic River Banner